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Mrs. Weaver, Founder and Red Robin Head Teacher

I knew from a very early age that I was going to be involved with the education of young children. At 18-years-old, I became an Au Pair for a Count and Countess at Lindenberg Castle in Denmark. I took care of their three children for a year and then returned to the U.S. to start my studies in child development.

I received my B.A. from San Francisco State University and started working as an assistant in a Montessori school in the Upper Elementary 9-12 age class; I found them to be very intelligent and challenging. The following year, I tested my interests with the Lower Elementary 6-9 age students; their socializing and emotions ran high. Later on, an opening in the Primary 2-6 age class became available and there I had found my niche. I stayed as an assistant for many years until one day I realized that “I could do this,” and become a Directress (as they were called in those days). 


Pursuing my teaching niche, I attended the college of Notre Dame, California, then received my American Montessori Society (AMS) certificate and taught for eight years until my son was born. My daughter, born two years later continued my “Montessori in the Home program” until our family settled here in Washington. I returned to the Montessori Primary classroom teaching for five years, realizing again that, “I can do this” and opened my own Montessori School in the year 2005.


Opening the Montessori Farmhouse School has been my lifelong dream - creating an environment where nature plays a key role in the education of young children. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part in a child’s life, and to provide children with the skills to become independent learners, growing up so they can make a difference in their world. 


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Rhea Harrison, White Chickadee Head Teacher
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Growing up in Mason County, I loved my first school, a small community of two classrooms, set in a country house.  I remember fondly feeling at peace with my friends and teachers, and developing a love of learning.  Growing up, I took to the arts-- Dance, visual art and creative writing.  I went from highschool to art school, distributing poetry and selling my paintings in art shows and galleries from an early age.  In my twenties, while playing in a band and printing poetry zines, I began working with children and found that I enjoyed my days best if I spent them with children ages 2-6.  Children have a natural honesty and curiosity, which is contagious and inspiring to me.


 I worked childcare at the YMCA in Eugene, Oregon, and then stumbled upon Montessori when an assistant position became vacant in Seattle in 2008.  From the time of my first observation in that classroom where I began working, I knew that Montessori was going to be integral in my life story.  The teacher I worked with encouraged me to go do my Montessori training while I was excited about it. In 2009, I began studying at the Maria Montessori Education Foundation in Auckland, New Zealand, and in 2011 I earned my Association Montessori International Primary Diploma.  Since then I have helped lead classrooms in New Zealand, New Mexico and Washington.  From 2014-2019 I had my own class at Three Tree Montessori in Burien, WA, before taking a break from Montessori to have my own child.   In this time I started my own business, creating and selling plant medicines, and supporting birthing people as a doula and breastfeeding counselor. 


When my daughter turned 3, and was ready to enroll in Montessori, I was excited  to join the community at the Montessori Farmhouse School, where I can share my love of the natural world with children, while my daughter has an authentic Montessori experience.  


I bring my connection with nature into the classroom, value diversity and inclusion in my work.  I continue to learn from the children each day, and think of Montessori as education for life, for children and adults alike.  I believe that through education, our world may see peace. 


Jenn Anderson, Office Administrator


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Hannah Blake, Before School Childcare/Red Robin Primary Assistant

I was born in Auburn, Washington. I moved around a lot with my biological mom and finally settled down in Lakebay, Washington where I have been for about eight years now. It was love at first sight with the area. Some things I love to do are hiking, reading, writing, and photography. I’ve always been passionate about working with children. My career began when I moved to Lakebay. I started in the camp kitchen helping my mom and eventually evolved into becoming a counselor. I am new to the Montessori methods, but everyday I learn to love and understand the philosophy.  


Barbra Fry, White Chickadee Primary Assistant/After School Childcare

I was born in southern California and spent the majority of my life there. I attended Montessori preschools and elementary programs which sparked my love for learning as a child. I graduated high school in 2020 and went on to pursue my associate's degree in Sociology. Montessori education has been interwoven into my life and having the opportunity to work at Montessori Farmhouse School has been an extraordinary experience for me!

Education has always been a love of mine and when I moved to Washington in the fall of 2022 I fell back in love with the Montessori style of education that I had in my childhood. My passion for education has blossomed and I am excited to learn more about adolescent education.


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Tianna Flores, White Chickadee Primary Assistant
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I was born in Oregon and raised in Port Orchard since I was two years old. Some of my favorite things is watching sports, video games, and going to the gym. I graduated from South Kitsap High School in 2020 and graduated from Seattle Pacific University with my bachelors degree in psychology in 2022. I grew a fascination towards learning about the developmental milestones of children during my undergraduate studies. Growing up with a huge family helped form my passion for loving and guiding children. Even though I didn’t attend a Montessori school, working here has been such a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to learn more! 


Hanne Weaver, Substitute Teacher


I was born in Walnut Creek CA. and moved to Gig Harbor when I was 3 years old. I was taught Montessori up until 4th grade. I have helped my mom Annette with the school since it has been open. I graduated Gig Harbor high school in 2013. I spends most of my time sailing as I have trained for the 2020 Olympics in the Laser Radial. I enjoy baking, being in the sun and playing with my cat, Kali


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