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Salmon Viewing Etiquette

  • The salmon are hard at work. Don’t disturb them in any way. Respect the fish. Do not throw stones or harass the salmon. Leave pets at home.

  • Stay on the trail. This helps prevent erosion and protects plants. Erosion can cause silt to clog spaces between gravel in nests and suffocate eggs. Plants provide cover and shade for fish.

  • If you see a dead fish, leave it where it is. The ecosystem needs them!

  • Don’t walk in the stream. Your footsteps could be harmful. Salmon eggs and newly hatched fry can remain buried in gravels for up to eight months.

  • Be considerate of other people. Respect the property and the viewing activities of others.

  • Move slowly and speak quietly. You’re more likely to see salmon and other wildlife.

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